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Hand Strap & Tools


Tensioner for Plastic Strap


Cutter for Plastic and Steel Strap


Crimper for Plastic Strap



Tensioner for Steel Strap


Steel Strapping Kit


Crimper for Steel Strap






FROMM  Strapping Tools

Strapping Systems (NZ) LTD

Strapping Systems NZ Fromm PET P-404 tool

Manual Tools for Plastic

Strapping Systems NZ Fromm PET P-356 tool

Pneumatic Tools for Plastic











Our Full Range

Strapping Machines


Strapping Systems Standard semi automatic strapping Strapping Systems Stainless Steel and Galvinized Strapping Systems low table semi automatic strappingStrapping Systems Custom Strapping Machines Strapping SystemsAutomatic Strapping Machines Strapping Systems Stainless Automatic Strapping MachinesStrapping Systems Custom Strapping machine 3 Strapping Systems Custom Strapping machine 1 Strapping Systems Custom Strapping machine 2



PET & Steel Strapping

Strapping Systems supplies only the highest grade strapping tapes imported from around the world from the best available suppliers.

FROMM PET is one of the world’s highest grades of straps available on the market, and has been proven in our timber industry as the number one choice for its strength.

Types Available

PP Strapping Tape from 5mm – 19mm
PET Strapping Tape from 9mm – 32mm
Steel Strap from 12mm – 32mm

Strapping Systems (NZ) Ltd 3 PET coils

PET Strap

Strapping Systems (NZ) Ltd PET coil ECO s



PP and Steel Strap

Stretch Wrap Machines & Film

New developments on behalf of the FROMM group come from the production of our stretch wrap machinery. They are capable of power pre-stretching film prior of wrapping goods to pallets. Also Highspeed Fully Automated Machines using Technowrapp.

Stretch wrapping from manual machines to fully-automatic operator-less machines.

Strapping Systems Fromm_FS130-WEB-V02[1] Strapping Systems NZ Fromm_FS400-01web[1]Strapping Systems NZ Fromm FV300 Strapping Systems NZ MACHINE-STRETCH-FILM



Timber Systems

New Zealand’s number one supplier to the timber industry, using FROMM hand battery tools and automation systems.

Strapping Systems NZ Ltd timber strapping machine PET Timber at Lumbercorp004 PM150002

Strapping Systems NZ Ltd timber strapping PET Strapping Systems NZ Ltd timber mega pack 32mm PET.1 Strapping Systems NZ Ltd timber PET.1