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Timber Wrapping

FROMM   CW1200


Product description

FROMM’s automatic packing machine replaces manual work by the operator and contributes to a safer working environment. The product packs timber packages completely automatically by rolling out the plastic in three steps. First, the side plastics are added, then the top load, which has included slip protection, and lastly the logo banner, which combines the first two plastics to get an attractive and functional timber package.

Functional description

The timber package is measured as it enters the machine, which means there is no need for any contact with an overall control system. A side film is added first, which is welded together at both ends. In step 2, the machine lays out a top film, which is held in place by side film number 2. This results in a sealed, weather-resistant packing solution.

The FROMM packing machine can be equipped with plastic rolls of various widths. On the longest timber packages, a strap can also applied to the middle of the package to further secure the cover. 

Technical specification

Packing: 5 sides

Package size

Height: 500-1200 mm

Length: 2000-6000 mm

Width: 600-1200 mm

Film specification

Top film – 

Side film 1 – shrink film for flexibility

Side film 2 – with the potential for marking with company name

Machine length

Basic version: > 5000 mm

High-speed version: > 8000 mm

Machine control Siemens

Operations: SEW, Festo Pneumatics

Capacity, basic version:  one package every 60 seconds.

Capacity, high-speed version: one package every 40 seconds


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